Living, Working and Visiting Abilene, Texas

The city of Abilene, Texas is a part of the old west history in ways that few other Texas cities can claim. Abilene was a major railroad shipping point for cattle farmers and it was named after the city of Abilene, Kansas. The famous Chisholm Trail that started near Abilene, Texas ended in Abilene, Kansas. That is where the name came from. Large parcels of the town went up for sale in 1881 and sold quickly. The area gained notoriety so quickly that it was incorporated in 1882 to help put some controls on the rapid growth.

Climate in Abilene

Abilene is located near the geographical center of the state of Texas, so it manages to avoid some of the climate challenges that the Gulf Coast cities get. The annual rainfall for Abilene is well below the national average, as is the humidity. The area does get more wind than other parts of the state, which keeps the clouds out of the area for much of the year. Abilene tends to get very comfortable temperatures all year round and it has even been known to see a few inches of snow in the winter.

Living in Abilene

Despite being a young community with a median age of only 32 years old, the crime rate in Abilene is below the national average. The population of approximately 117,000 people is an even split between males and females. The racial makeup of the city is 62 percent Caucasian, 25 percent Hispanic, 9 percent African American, with the remaining four percent being divided among Native American, Asian and Hawaiian. A little over half the population is married, while almost 25 percent are single and have never been married. It is estimated that eight out of every 10 residents has a high school diploma and 22 percent have college degrees.

Visiting Abilene

The history of the railroad is very prominent in Abilene with a refurbished depot from the now defunct Texas and Pacific Railway acting as a visitor's resource center. A significant portion of the history of the area is on display at the Buffalo Gap Historic Village, which is a museum in the city. The Paramount Theatre was originally built 1930 and was remodeled in 1986. It stands today as a major tourist attraction and cultural center for the city.

Working in Abilene

The median household income in Abilene is $42,000 and that has seen a gradual increase over the past couple of decades. The unemployment rate for the city is six percent, which is a percentage point below the Texas state average. The top industries that employ the most people are construction, education and government administration. Sales, truck driving and building maintenance are the top city's occupations.