Addison, Texas is a small town outside of Carrollton that has a population of approximately 15,000. The media age in Addison is slightly below the Texas average, and the population split between males and females is nearly 50 percent. There has been a population growth of approximately nine percent since 2000, and Addison has also enjoyed a growth in prosperity as well.

Climate in Addison

The average high temperatures in Addison are consistently higher than the United States average throughout the year. During the spring months of April and May, Addison tends to get an average rainfall that is higher than the rest of the country. Addison tends to experience higher wind speeds throughout the year than the rest of the country, but it sees average levels of humidity during the day and night hours. There is very little snowfall in Addison during the winter, but the city gets more than its fair share of sunshine all year round.

Living in Addison

Addison is only 11.3 miles away from Dallas and 8.2 miles from Plano. There are four major medical centers in Addison, a military and commercial airport and seven colleges within 10 miles of the center of town. Addison also has a higher percentage of grocery stores, restaurants and convenience stores per 10,000 people than the Texas state average.

In 2006, the crime index in Addison had reached a high point for the entire decade. But by 2013, the city had worked hard to cut its crime rate in half. The median household income in Addison is at $58,067 per year, which is higher than the Texas state average of $51,704 per year. Property values in Addison have skyrocketed from an average of $220,800 in 2000, up to $266,396 in 2013. Addison's property values are well above the $132,000 Texas state average.

Visiting Addison

There are numerous hotels in Addison to suit any budget, ideal for people looking to visit the city. Addison is filled with large public parks and shopping centers. Some of the main tourist attractions in Addison include the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Dallas Children's Museum and AMF Theme Park. Addison has a small town look to it that appeals to many visitors, and it hosts several festivals throughout the year that bring in people from around the country.

Working in Addision

Popular with both local and national businesses as a good place to base operations or have a branch office, Addison's 5.7 percent unemployment rate is right in line with the Texas state average, which is below the national average. The most common industries in Addison are technical facilities, professional services, financial services and insurance sales and administration services. Computer-related jobs tend to dominate the hiring landscape, and management positions are plentiful throughout the Addison industrial structure. The business operations and financial consulting industries also supply a significant amount of employment options for the population of Addison.