Austin, Texas has always been a diverse and prosperous community. It is a city that is just as attractive to computer programmers as it is musicians who are trying to make it big in the music industry. The diversity of Austin is what attracts many people to this city, but the idea that there is always something to do in Austin helps to keep attracting younger people who keep the average age in Austin below the Texas state average.

Climate in Austin

The average temperatures and daily high temperatures in Austin throughout the year tend to be well above national averages, but precipitation tends to stay below average to try to even out the heat. Despite its heat, Austin does occasionally get snow in January, and the heat does nothing to inhibit the high levels of humidity the city gets. Even though Austin gets plenty of heat throughout the year, it only gets an average amount of sunshine.

Living in Austin

Austin's diverse architecture means that it is the kind of city almost anyone can find something they like in terms of a place to live. Austin has a population of nearly 900,000 people that is an even split of males and females, and has a median age of 32 years old.

The estimated median household income in Austin is approximately $4,600 per year higher than the Texas state average, but that does not give the complete picture of Austin's tremendous financial growth. The estimated per capita income in Austin in 2000 was $24,163 per year per resident, but that mushroomed to $32,297 in 2013. The median property value in Austin is $234,000, which is almost double the Texas state average, and has grown from $120,800 in 2000. When it comes to population and economic growth in the last 15 years, Austin has seen a great deal of success.

Visiting Austin

Austin is a place that people come to shop, play golf and enjoy the sunsets. There are several historic districts in Austin that bring in visitors from all over the world, and the annual South by Southwest Music Festival also stands as a prime international attraction. The West Gate Shopping Center and Highland Shopping Center are just two very common destinations for people looking to get the most from shopping in Austin. People also come to visit the Austin Museum of Art, the Austin Children's Museum and the world famous Austin Zoo.

Working in Austin

Austin's ability to attract new businesses and inspire existing businesses to grow has helped to keep its unemployment rate at around four percent. The growth of Austin has helped to make construction one of the prime industries in the area, along with professional and technical services. Since Austin is famous for its shopping, the retail industry makes up a big part of the working environment in the city. Construction laborer, construction manager and technical manufacturing worker are some of the more common professions, and there is a very strong retail sales faction working in Austin as well.