Living, Working and Visiting Beaumont, Texas

Beaumont, Texas is part of a trio of industrial hubs along the Gulf of Mexico that make up the "Golden Triangle" of Gulf Coast commerce. The town is named after Jefferson Beaumont, who was the brother-in-law of land owner Henry Millard. Millard, and a group of investors, bought the property in 1835 and named it Beaumont. The history of the city is filled with towering oil wells and a ship-building business that supplied the United States Navy with warships during World War II.

Climate in Beaumont

Being on the Gulf Coast can make the climate a bit unpredictable. Beaumont gets slightly more than the national average of rainfall and humidity, but it does enjoy lower than average temperatures. Despite being on the Gulf Coast, the instances of floods and hurricanes in Beaumont is surprisingly low. The city is subjected to more cloudy days than clear days, and that has an obviously adverse effect on the amount of sunlight that gets through. The climate, overall, is considered to be quite comfortable all year round.

Living in Beaumont

Beaumont has a population of 120,000 people that is split pretty evenly between males and females. The average age is 35 years old, which is only slightly under the Texas state average of 41. The median value of residential property in the area has gone up from $62,000 per property in 2000, to $98,000 per property in 2010. The area is made up of 47 percent African American, 35 percent Caucasian, 13 percent Hispanic, three percent Asian, and the remaining two percent is Native American and Hawaiian. Half the population is married and eight out of every 10 residents has earned a high school diploma.

Visiting Beaumont

Beaumont has spent years building up its cultural offerings and has a variety of things to offer visitors. The city hosts the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, as well as a non-profit collective known simply as The Art Studio. Some fun places to visit include the Clifton Steamboat Museum, the Thomas Edison Museum, the Fire Museum of Texas and the Jefferson Theatre. It is also worth a walking tour of the city to see the architecture in the various government buildings, and enjoy the appearance of private residences such as the McFaddin-Ward House.

Working in Beaumont

As of 2012, the median household income in Beaumont is $40,000 per year, which is up from an estimated $32,000 per year in 2000. The unemployment rate is nine percent, which is deceptive due to the large quantity of seasonal workers in industries such as construction and manufacturing. Construction, education and government administration are the largest industries in the city, with manufacturing, truck driving and sales being the most common occupations.