Living, Working and Visiting East Jefferson, Texas

East Jefferson, Texas is a city of approximately 110,000 people located on the Gulf Coast. It is a suburb of Houston, but it also enjoys a bit of influence from its Louisiana neighbors to the east. One of the unique things about East Jefferson is that every single resident of the city was born in the United States. Normally, a Texas city of this size would have one out of every 10 people born in a foreign country. But the population of East Jefferson is made up entirely of Americans and it has been that way for some time.

Climate in East Jefferson

The Texas cities along the Gulf Coast tend to experience more precipitation and less sunshine than the rest of the state, and East Jefferson is no exception. One of the unique climate features of East Jefferson is that is experiences significantly below average winds throughout the year. The area gets a lot of cloud cover, so the people in the city get to see the sun a little less than half the year. But that lack of sunshine helps to keep the temperatures comfortable.

Living in East Jefferson

The median age in East Jefferson is around 35 years of age and the area has seen moderate population growth in the past couple of decades. The area consists of 57 percent Caucasian, 25 percent African American, 12 percent Hispanic, four percent Asian and the remaining two percent are split between Native American and Hawaiian. Approximately 80 percent of the residents have their high school diploma and that includes 13 percent who have their college degrees. Nearly 60 percent of the population is married and 23 percent is single and never married in the past.

Visiting East Jefferson

East Jefferson has several public golf courses and marinas that attract people from all over the immediate area. The Central Shopping Center and Central Mall offer plenty of dining and shopping for people who visit East Jefferson. The city is only a short drive from the Louisiana Delta and it gets its fair share of Louisiana visitors on a regular basis. The city maintains several large state parks, and it is a short drive away from the Sea Rim State Park located on the Gulf Coast.

Working in East Jefferson

As of 2012, the median household income in East Jefferson is $42,000 per year, which is up from $36,000 per year in 2010. The most common industries in the region are construction, oil exploration, mining, chemical manufacturing and government administration. There is a wide variety of occupations in East Jefferson that include electronic equipment maintenance, truck driving, metal working, sales and grounds maintenance.