Farmers Branch

Farmers Branch, Texas is the perfect mix of small town America and the big cities Texas is known for. This sprawling city has a small population when compared to places like Austin or Dallas, but its growth show that people are paying attention to Farmers Branch. It is a small city close to many big cities in the state, which makes it the ideal choice to live for families and people looking to make their mark on the world.

Climate in Farmers Branch

The temperatures in Farmers Branch stay within the national average, and you may even find a little snowfall during the winter. Precipitation in Farmers Branch tends to be elevated during the spring and fall months, but the overall precipitation level tends to stay within national averages. There is higher than average cloud cover throughout the year in Farmers Branch, but that only helps to contribute to the cooling winds that residents enjoy all year round.

Living in Farmers Branch

The median age in Farmers Branch is 37 years old, which is three years higher than the state average. The population has grown at a 15 percent pace since 2000, and the population split between males and females favors the females by a ratio of 47.5 percent to 52.5 percent.

Median wages and property values fall almost perfectly in line with the state averages in Farmers Branch, but crime is consistently below the state and national averages. There are approximately 2.5 police officers for every 1,000 citizens, which is a ratio that is higher than the Texas state average. For a small city, Farmers Branch has five medical centers to serve the population and three colleges. The city has five elementary schools, one middle school and one high school.

Visiting Farmers Branch

Visitors come to Farmers Branch for its laid back lifestyle and its spacious public parks. Farmers Branch also acts as a stopping off point for people who are travelling from the nearby airports to other cities within Texas. Farmers Branch also has local entertainment that brings in people from the regional area. The Firehouse theater in Farmers Branch often puts on live stage performances that get exposure outside of the city.

Working in Farmers Branch

The unemployment rate enjoyed by Farmers Branch residents is at approximately five percent, which is lower than the Texas state average of 5.5 percent. The manufacturing and retail sales industries are the two most prominent in Farmers Branch, with construction coming in a close third. With all of the growth and expansion of the city in the past 15 years, construction management jobs have become extremely popular. The retail industry tends to offer a lot of opportunities for sales professionals and sales support staffing.

The growth of Farmers Branch can also be seen in its per capita income. In 2000, the per capita income for Farmer's Branch sat at $24,921 per year. As the growth in various industries took hold, the per capita income rose to $28,741 per year and continues to climb.