Living, Working and Visiting Frisco, Texas

Frisco, Texas is a suburb of Dallas that is growing faster than the city of Dallas itself. The area has attracted people with means, which has turned it into an affluent area with significant wealth. The median residential property value in Frisco is nearly twice the Texas state median. The city was originally named Lebanon, but the name was changed to Frisco in honor of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway that helped the original city to grow rapidly in the early 1900's.

Climate in Frisco

As would be expected, Frisco shares many of the climate conditions that are common to Dallas. The area gets a little more rain than the national average each year, but its temperatures remain constant with the state average. Frisco residents enjoy an average amount of humidity, which is offset nicely by slightly stronger winds. The area is also known for having significantly more clear days than cloudy days, which allows residents to enjoy the blue skies all year round.

Living in Frisco

Frisco is a community filled with proactive families. The median age is 34 years old, which is seven years younger than the Texas state average. The crime rate in Frisco is well below the national average and has been showing a downward trend in recent years. Almost 95 percent of the residents have their high school diplomas and nearly 50 percent have their college degrees. Nearly three-quarters of the residents of Frisco are married, with only 15 percent being single. It is estimated that a little less than eight percent of the residents were born in foreign countries, which is nearly half the ratio found in the rest of the state. The vast majority are homeowners, either buying existing homes or having their dream home built.

Visiting Frisco

Frisco is filled with the creature comforts of life that you would expect from an area like this. One of the larger IKEA stores in the area is located in Frisco, and the Stonebriar Mall is still a shopping center that attracts people from all over. Frisco is also big on sports and has built the Dr. Pepper Ballpark to accommodate baseball and soccer games, as well as a variety of other outdoor events. People from Dallas have been known to visit Frisco just to check out the elaborate architecture on everything from the capital buildings to the shopping centers.

Working in Frisco

The unemployment rate in Frisco is only 5.5 percent, which is two percentage points lower than the rest of Texas. The median household income in Frisco is $101,000, which is over twice the median income for the rest of the state of Texas. The primary industries in Frisco are finance, scientific research and technology manufacturing. The most common occupations are computer engineer, sales and financial managers.