Houston, as with most large cities in Texas, has experienced double-digit population growth since 2000. Houston has a variety of interests including industry, sports and education. Its close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico gives it an inside track on international trade, and offering some of the more exotic vacationing options for people from all over the world. Houston is a city that is able to maintain that balance between a vibrant nightlife, and remaining family-friendly at the same time.

Climate in Houston

Much of the climate in Houston is dominated by the weather that comes in from the Gulf of Mexico. That means that daytime temperatures tend to be elevated when compared to the national average, but night-time temperatures are nice and cool. The precipitation and humidity levels for Houston are elevated, but the cooler night temperatures do help to counteract the high moisture levels. The weather in Houston tends to be cloudy more often than clear, but the low winds mean that Houston is not as prone to the natural events that blow in from off the Gulf each year.

Living in Houston

The median age of Houston is 32.7 years old, and that population has seen median household values rise over the years. In 2000, the estimated median property value for Houston was $77,500 per property. But as the Houston economy has grown, that median value has skyrocketed to $125,700. Estimated median household incomes have risen from $36,616 in 2000, up to $45,353 in 2013.

Houston has 2.44 police officers for every 1,000 residents, which is more than the state average of 1.95. Houston is home to several private and university hospitals, including the world renowned University of Texas Health Science Center. There are dozens of major colleges in Houston, and the Houston Public School District oversees one of the largest school districts in the state. Houston is home to three professional sports teams, and a long list of semi-professional teams as well.

Visiting Houston

The city of Houston has an impressive array of accommodations and activities for guests. There are over three dozen major hotels in the Houston area, and 45 public parks. Houston is well-known for its outdoor festivals, including the Bayou City Art Festival and the Houston Shakespeare Festival. The Houston Aquarium, Museum of Fine Arts and world famous Astrodome are just a few more attractions that visitors can enjoy.

Working in Houston

The unemployment rate in Houston mirrors the 5.5 percent statewide unemployment rate for Texas. As has been the case for many years, construction is far and away the most popular industry in Houston. High-tech manufacturing and retail sales operations are also big parts of the Houston economy. The occupations with the highest employer demand in Houston are construction laborer, construction manager, architect, engineer, product engineering, logistics and retail distribution. The Houston economy utilizes its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico as a way to attract companies that are looking for a place to set up international headquarters and distribution centers that is business friendly.