Irving, Texas is a diverse community that is very proud of its architecture and growing economic situation. It is positioned only 11 miles from Dallas, which allows it to be a suburb where people who work in the city can enjoy a quiet life. With a nearly 20 percent population growth rate since 2000, it looks like Irving is going to have to continue to develop to accommodate the scores of people who want to call Irving home.

Climate in Irving

The daily high temperatures in Irving tend to exceed the national average, but the cool nights help to give Irving a pleasant balance. The city gets an average amount of sunshine every year, and the colder weather mixed with the enhanced cloud coverage sometimes produce snow in the months of December and January. The humidity and precipitation levels tend to fall in line with the national averages, but the wind speed is something that exceeds what the rest of the country is generally used to.

Living in Irving

Nearly all of the main economic indicators for Irving follow the state averages, including median household income and median property value. The average age in Irving is 32.2 years old, and there is nearly an even split between the male and female population. Since 2001, Irving has cut its crime rate nearly in half to a level that is well below the national average.

The city of Irving is made up primarily of married people with high school degrees. While 80 percent of Irving residents have their high school diplomas, 36.8 percent have their college degrees. The average drive time to work of 23 minutes indicates that a high percentage of people who live in Irving work in Dallas.

Visiting Irving

Irving is a quiet place with plenty of accommodations for visitors. While in Irving, visitors can choose to visit the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, the Irving Mall or the National Scouting Museum. Sports are also popular in Irving, which can be seen in places such as the Irving Country Club and Riverside Hills Golf Club. Irving also features an interesting collection of statues, public parks and fountains. Many visitors find that a trip to Irving is not complete until they have taken a walking tour of the city to see all its artefacts up close.

Working in Irving

Thanks to the number of companies based out of or with branches in the city, the unemployment rate in Irving is only 4.8 percent, which is well below state and national averages. With the significant population growth in Irving, it only makes sense that the largest industry in the city is construction. But construction has plenty of company when it comes to hiring as manufacturing and retail sales are also very big in Irving. Construction laborer and management positions are prime occupations in Irving, and there are plenty of jobs as computer technicians available as well. Sales jobs and management positions are also available throughout Irving.