Living, Working and Visiting Lewisville, Texas

Lewisville, Texas started as an 1840 settlement called Holford's Prairie granted to a company named after the man who wrote the song "Oh! Susanna." In 1853, a man named Basdeal Lewis purchased a portion of the settlement and decided to name it Lewisville, after himself. The name has remained to this day. Lewisville was the home of Denton County's first cotton gin and the town added to the cotton gin by negotiating a deal with the railroad to have it put a stop in Lewisville. The cotton gin and the railroad combined to spur growth in Lewisville that turned it into a prosperous city.

Climate in Lewisville

Lewisville gets a lot of rain during the early spring and early fall, which is much more than the national average. But the remainder of the year gets below average rainfall. The winds tend to get blustery in Lewisville, but that helps to keep away the humidity. The area is actually known for its blue skies and perfect temperatures. It has temperatures year round that fall just below the national average.

Living in Lewisville

Even though it is considered a suburb of Dallas, Lewisville is actually 20 miles away from the major city. That allows the 100,000 residents of Lewisville to avoid many of the problems that come with a big city. For example, the crime rate in Lewisville is well below the national average. The median age for the residents is 31 years old, which is 10 years younger than the Texas state median. There is an even 50/50 split of males and females, with 58 percent of the population being married. Nearly 90 percent of Lewisville residents have their high school diplomas and 32 percent have college degrees. Home ownership is high in Lewisville and the home improvement trades do well.

Visiting Lewisville

Visiting Lewisville is fun because it offers an interesting mix of the old and the new. The area known as Lewisville's Old Town retains that old west look which has become very popular among visitors. People can go from the old town to the Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater for a live stage production. The theater was completed and opened in 2011 and is state of the art. Lewisville has several impressive public parks and the area also features three man-made lakes. Visitors should also check out the Lewisville Fishing Barge, which is a unique indoor fishing attraction.

Working in Lewisville

The median household income in Lewisville is approximately $55,000 per year, which is around $14,000 higher than the Texas state average. The unemployment rate for the city is six percent and falls a full percentage point under the state average. The most popular industries in the city are construction, scientific research and food services. The most common occupations are computer engineers, sales and manufacturing jobs.