North Dallas

North Dallas, Texas is a collection of communities in the northern part of the city of Dallas, and some of the northern Dallas suburbs. It is a big enough area to require three area codes and 12 postal ZIP codes. Parts of the North Dallas area are served by Plano, Texas public services (such as the school district), while the rest fall under the jurisdiction of Dallas public services. Thanks to its thriving technology sector, North Dallas is a portion of the city of Dallas that continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Climate in North Dallas

The daily high temperatures in the North Dallas area fall well above the national average, but the trade-off is that the humidity tends to be at or below national levels. There is some slight snowfall in the months of December and January, and the amount of sunshine the city gets is at just about the national average. There are points in the spring and fall where rainfall exceeds national levels, and the wind speed in North Dallas also tends to be above national levels.

Living in North Dallas

North Dallas is a collection of middle to high income neighborhoods that tie directly into the downtown Dallas area. The Lake Highlands area is a large neighborhood that is generally considered part of North Dallas, but it is so large that it does reside partly outside of North Dallas.

North Dallas is home or close to many of the major colleges and universities in the state of Texas. Residents of North Dallas have access to schools such as the University of Texas at Dallas, Richmond College and Texas A&M's TAMU-Dallas campus. North Dallas residents have access to the medical facilities of these schools, as well as the many jobs these schools offer.

Visiting North Dallas

North Dallas is famous throughout the state of Texas for its large and prestigious shopping centers. The Galleria Dallas, the NorthPark Center and the Valley View Center are all in the North Dallas area, and they bring shoppers in from all over the world.

Visitors to North Dallas can enjoy convenient road travel as large freeways such as Interstate 35E, Dallas North Tollway and U.S. Highway 75 all run through or near North Dallas. North Dallas either hosts or is only a short distance from four major airports. The largest, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, is only a few minutes' drive from North Dallas.

Working in North Dallas

Along with its major college employers, North Dallas is also home to several technical companies. Texas Instruments has its headquarters in North Dallas, and hires a variety of professions in sites throughout the city. The economy of North Dallas also contains the Platinum Corridor, Preston Center and Telecom Corridor, which all house the world headquarters of several businesses located in a variety of industries.