Plano, Texas is known for its sunsets, large public parks and its Old West architecture. It is also one of the more visitor friendly cities in Texas as it has plenty of places for visitors to go and many sites to enjoy. When Plano is lit up at night, it has a beauty that other cities have a hard time replicating. Plano is also a rapidly growing community that is offering plenty of opportunity to people from all walks of life.

Climate in Plano

Plano is surrounded by several large lakes and rivers, which all work together to keep the average temperatures in Plano right at the national averages. The precipitation and humidity levels are also well within the national average, which makes Plano a very comfortable place to live. Plano even enjoys the occasional dusting of snow during the winter holidays that helps to create a festive atmosphere. The high percentage of sunny days in Plano only adds to its overall appeal to a wide variety of people.

Living in Plano

Since 2001, Plano's crime index rating has been consistently below the national average. In 2013, the crime index in Plano was almost half that of the rest of the country. One of the contributing factors to Plano's low crime rates is the education level of the people in Plano. Nearly 96 percent of all Plano residents hold a high school diploma, and almost 57 percent have college degrees. People in Plano work hard, and do what they can to keep their community safe.

The estimated median household income in Plano was $80,448 per year as of 2013, which is almost $30,000 per year higher than the Texas state average. The estimated median household value in Plano is $226,500 per property, which is nearly twice the Texas state average. There is prosperity in Plano, and that prosperity keeps on growing.

Visiting Plano

Plano has a wide variety of upscale shopping centers visitors can choose from, such as The Shops at Willow Bend and Collin Creek Shopping Center. Along with its wide open parks and common areas, Plano is also home to several museums. The most notable Plano museums are the Heritage Farmstead Museum, the J.C. Penney Historical Museum and the Ammie Wilson House. Plano is proud of its history, and visitors can enjoy the preserved architecture from Plano's earliest days that is still used in modern times.

Working in Plano

One of the reasons for the high level of education in Plano is the industry that dominates the city's economic landscape. The most prevalent industry in Plano is the professional and scientific services industry, which is closely followed by high-tech manufacturing. The financial services and insurance industries also have a strong presence in Plano. The most common fields of employment include high-tech manufacturing engineer, insurance sales and financial consulting.