Living, Working and Visiting Richardson, Texas

Richardson, Texas is a suburb of Dallas that has seen nothing but growth over the past decade. The stretch from 2005 to 2009 was one of the worst financial periods in American history, yet Richardson managed to prosper and see an increase in the value of its residential properties. Some of the prominent people to come from Richardson include:

  • Jensen Ackles - actor
  • Bill Engvall - comedian
  • Matt Stover - professional NFL athlete

Climate in Richardson

Even though Richardson is landlocked in Eastern Texas, it still gets more average rainfall each year than the rest of the United States. The city is also known for its high winds, but low average temperatures and humidity. It gets a lot of sunshine all year long and is not known for any appreciative snowfall precipitation during the winter. Richardson is also known for having a significantly low number of cloudy days througout the year, while maintaining a high number of days with clear, blue skies.

Living in Richardson

The crime rate in Richardson is well below the United States average, while the property values are approximately $50,000 higher for each residential property than the Texas state average with homeowners taking great care of their properties, whether with maintenance or extensions and renovations. The average age in Richardson is 37 years old, which is slightly under the Texas average. The mix of males to females is almost even, with there being slightly more females than males. The population is 58 percent Caucasian, 16 percent Hispanic, 15 percent Asian, eight percent African American, with the remaining two percent being primarily Native American.

Visiting Richardson

Richardson's prosperity over the past couple of decades have made it a mecca for high fashion shopping and fine dining in Texas. Richardson also has two large theme parks within the city limits; Cyber Zone and AMF Park. There are also nine parks within the city limits that have nature trails and gathering areas for families. Downtown Richardson has retained much of its architecture from its early days as a small town, but that downtown is in sharp contrast to the modern buildings (such as the Antenna Lab for Collins Radio) that surround it.

Working in Richardson

Richardson has maintained an unemployment rate of between 5 and 6 percent for many years, which is below the Texas state average. The median income for a Richardson resident is $60,000 per year, which is $12,000 higher than the Texas median. Scientific and technological jobs dominate the professional landscape of Richardson with nearly 15 percent of the population involved in high tech work. The most common occupations in Richardson include computer scientists, engineers and sales.