Living, Working and Visiting Round Rock, Texas

Round Rock, Texas is a rapidly growing suburb of the metropolitan Austin area. The city has seen 65 percent population growth since the 2000 census, which means that the current population of 100,000 will continue to grow. Round Rock's history goes all the way back to 9,200 B.C. and it has the preserved fossils to prove it. It is also the place where Sam Bass, one of the most notorious train robbers in American history, was captured in 1878.

Climate in Round Rock

Round Rock is located about as close to the geographic center of Texas as you can get. Being landlocked, its climate tends to follow the national averages for rainfall, wind and humidity. One of the reasons the area is so popular is that is has temperatures that fall just below the state average and provides a comfortable climate for its residents. A reason that the area's temperatures tend to be below average is because of the light cloud cover that blocks out the sun at least 40 percent of the year.

Living in Round Rock

The population of Round Rock is growing and it is also getting younger. As of the 2000 census, the median age in the city was 32 years old. That is almost a full decade younger than the Texas state average. The area is made up of 54 percent Caucasian, 29 percent Hispanic, 10 percent African American, and the remaining seven percent is split among Native American and Hawaiian. The crime level is rated at 148, which is half the United States average. Crime in Round Rock has consistently been low since the 1970's. The median property value in Round Rock is $165,000, which is $40,000 per property higher than the Texas state median, and makes for a healthy construction and home improvements industry in the local area.

Visiting Round Rock

Visiting Round Rock is like visiting the world's most extensive natural history museum preserved inside a modern city. There are several museums in the area dedicated to the persistent flow of fossils and other findings from the area's prehistoric past. Visitors should also take time to check out the Chisholm Trail Crossing Park, which was set up to preserve the path of the famous old west Chisholm Trail cattle driving route. The Old Settlers' Association is also filled with the history of the area and hosts regular craft shows.

Working in Round Rock

The unemployment rate in Round Rock has been at six percent for a while, which puts it at one percent below the state average. The median household income is $68,000 per year and has seen about an $8,000 per year increase since 2000. The industries that do the most hiring in the area are the computer technology, construction and government services sectors. The most common occupations are computer engineers, electricians and maintenance personnel.