San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas has blossomed into a prosperous and growing community. It is known for its sports, its art and its diverse population. As more and more people move to San Antonio to find opportunity, the city has responded by becoming progressive in its thinking and proactive in its approach to caring for citizens.

Climate in San Antonio

It gets warm in San Antonio as the daily high temperatures and average temperatures all range well above the national average throughout the year. But the persistent sunshine in San Antonio makes living in the area very desirable for a lot of people. There is negligible snowfall in San Antonio, and the average annual precipitation falls within the national average. The average wind speeds in San Antonio coupled with the higher than average cloud cover create a pleasant living environment for everyone in the San Antonio area.

Living in San Antonio

The population of San Antonio jumped 23 percent between 2000 and 2013 and sits at approximately 1.5 million people. The median age of San Antonio residents is 33 years old, which is just slightly below the state average. The estimated median household income is $45,399, which is up from $36,214 in 2000. While San Antonio has experienced financial growth, that growth is most evident in the rising property values. The estimated median property value in San Antonio as of 2013 was $115,600, which is a significant jump from the 2000 value of $67,500. Approximately 82 percent of San Antonio residents have their high school diplomas, which makes for a productive and intelligent populace. Slightly over 44 percent of the people in San Antonio are married, which makes San Antonio a family-based city.

Visiting San Antonio

The city of San Antonio offers more to visitors than just a fascinating tour of the historic Alamo. The Art Walk is a stretch of street in San Antonio that celebrates art year round, and offers a variety of art shops and galleries for visitors to explore. The San Antonio Japanese Tea Gardens are extremely unique and help to create a peaceful atmosphere that people around the world come to enjoy. The San Antonio Zoo is a popular destination from visitors throughout the area, and The Shops at La Cantera offer upscale shopping that is on par with some of the other large cities in Texas.

Working in San Antonio

The unemployment rate in San Antonio hovers at around five percent, which is just below the Texas state average. The constant influx of new residents and businesses needing space has made construction the most popular industry in San Antonio by a wide margin. The growing tourism industry as well as the need for temporary accommodations for visiting business professionals has pushed the hospitality into the spotlight in San Antonio. Construction, demolition, retail sales and hospitality continue to offer regular employment to San Antonio residents.